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Do People Have Dirtier Mouths Than Our Dogs?

Are the mouths of dogs really cleaner than ours?

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Are the mouths of dogs really cleaner than ours? People may have the notion that the answer to this question is a “yes” because the fact remains that the “man’s best friend” can lick its injuries and never get them infected.

However, based on the statements given by veterinarians who were asked the same question, the real answer to the question above is a definite “NO”. Just read over these facts. Dogs don’t have developed brains. They sniff at things without considering if they are even clean or not. They eat their own dirt when extremely hungry and they consume any food that’s edible. They don’t brush their teeth. Compared to us, humans we definitely know the things that we shouldn’t eat. We clean our oral vicinity at a maximum of two times on a regular basis and we maintain a good hygiene as much as possible. Thus, we definitely have cleaner mouths compared to our pets.

However, why do the injuries of dogs remain uninfected after they lick them? That is because licking actually cleans the wound. Plus, a dog’s bite will give you bacteria that can only harm a dog too. Therefore, you remain healthy. This also implies that kissing the mouth of your pets or sharing your snacks with them won’t get you poisoned. However, these actions won’t help you to stay clean as well.

Now, how do you clean the mouth of your pet?

• First, purchase a toothpaste and a toothbrush suited for it. You can even look for a toothpaste that either has a chicken or beef flavor to get your pet excited for its toothbrush sessions.
• Second, calm your dog down for you to encourage it to open its mouth.
• Lastly, carefully brush the molars of your pet and make sure that it doesn’t eat the toothpaste that you have applied.

My aunt is a science teacher and she told me the same thing. She said that she has no clue why but it just is. It is SOOOOOOOO gross!

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