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Why does the sound of a Siren cause a Dog to Howl?

What are the reasons that many Dogs will howl at the sound of Sirens going off?

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Almost all of the dogs in this planet have the same reaction towards sirens. Dogs howl whenever they’re depressed or when they want to “talk” with other animals in their species but how are we supposed to know the meaning to every sound that comes from their mouth?

Experts believe that dogs howl at a siren for two reasons. It’s either they find the equipment too noisy or they have mistaken its sound to be a howl from another dog. The second reason is what most people believe in.

First Reason

Dogs can hear things better than us. Thus, too much noise can bring them distress or pain in their ears. However, most dogs actually look pleased as they howl at sirens

Second Reason

Dogs are similar to us, humans in the sense that they interact with one another. This attitude can even be seen in ancient wolves. They howl to find the other members of their “family” and when they do, howling serves as their identity towards other packs and it can also be their way of declaring ownership of a certain piece of land.

Wolves are believed to be the ancestors of the dogs that we have now. Thus, there’s a great possibility that they howl at a siren because its gives off a howl like sound too and they simply want to communicate thinking that its one of their kind. Moreover, because of your dog’s loud howl, then the dog next door would also so the same to form an interaction. So, just look at the situation as an inevitable domino effect.

However, your dog’s insecurities can also be the reason for its behavior towards a siren. Maybe it just wants your attention which led it to howl consistently at the equipment.

Sirens are of different types so they can acquire different reactions from dogs in a certain neighborhood. However, noon sirens are noted to produce a sound that is quite similar to a dog’s howl which makes them famous among the animals. On the other hand, basset, beagles, malamutes and huskies are the dog breeds which usually howl at sirens according to a certain study.

The connection that the dog has with its peers and owner can also lead it to howl at a siren or not.

Teaching Your Pet to Behave Around Sirens

Nobody wants a consistently howling dog. Thus, you just have to counter condition and desensitize your pet. You need to let your dog get used to the presence of a siren by letting it hear the equipment’s sound from a recorder frequently. Give it prizes or rewards for your dog to have the same positive reaction towards a siren. You can also hire a dog trainer if you can’t teach your pet on your own.

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