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What are Dangerous Foods for Cats and Dogs?

What are some of the most dangerous and toxic foods that your cats or dogs can consume?

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Individuals today are taking an active approach to eating healthy and changing their daily lifestyle.  When we take such measures, we must also consider healthy eating for our pets as well. Many pet owners prefer to feed their cats and dogs natural foods rather than store bought prepackaged items.  Although this approach is preferred and much healthier than commercial pet food, there are many precautions that one must take.  Pets cannot simply eat what we eat as some foods are dangerous and potentially fatal for animals.  Below is a list of foods that cats and dogs should avoid.

Chocolate and Cocoa Products:   It is common knowledge that dogs should not consume chocolate, however oftentimes even without directly feeding a dog chocolate, they can ingest it.  This is generally due to careless owners that leave chocolate or candy bars on countertops or reachable surfaces.  When a big amount is consumed this can be detrimental to dogs, causing diarrhea, intestinal issues, and even death.  Under no circumstances should dogs consume chocolate.

Grapes: It remains a mystery why grapes and raisins are bad for cats and dog.  Nevertheless, when grapes and raisins are ingested it can cause severe harm to your pet’s kidneys.  It is important to remember that all foods that contain grapes and raisins should be avoided.  This includes breads, biscuits, and pastries. 

Garlic and Onions:  Consuming garlic and onions can harm red blood cells and provoke anemia.  All forms of garlic or onions when eaten are dangerous to your pet’s health.   Regardless if they are fresh, boiled, or crushed, all forms of garlic and onions should be avoided. 

Mushrooms:   Not all mushrooms are harmful to dogs, however it is best to avoid feeding your dog mushrooms completely if possible.  Ingesting certain types of mushrooms can lead to shock and potentially death.  To err on the side of caution, all lawn mushrooms should be removed as well. 

Chicken Bones:   Although chicken bones are not unhealthy for dogs, it can be unsafe to eat.  Unlike most other animals, chicken bones are hollow and when dogs chew into them they may splinter causing cuts to the mouth, throat and intestines.  Because dogs are attracted to the scent of chicken bones, it is imperative to keep the bones in a place that can’t be reached. 

Providing your cat or dog a wholesome diet ensures that they will live a happier life and avoid certain illnesses and diseases.  It is important however to remember the simple rules outlined above to assure that your cat or dog remains healthy with a natural food diet.  For a better and more comprehensive understanding of natural food diets for your pets, see Dr. Pitcairn's New Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats.

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