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What does a de-shedding tool do on a cat?

How often should a deshedding brush be used on a cat?

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A de - shedding tool for cat grooming removes inner coat hairs before they mat and thatch and allows hair that has already detached from the hair follicle to be discarded. It keeps the skin surface clean, properly stimulated and aired, protecting the coat for future growth. The de - shedding tool benefits long- haired cats like Himalayans and Persians by preventing hairballs. It should be used regularly, once a week, in order to maintain a well - groomed cat. It will not thin out a thick coat since it does not cut hair that is attached to the hair follicle. A de – shedding tool can be used by separating the layers as you would for a comb out and run the tool over the layers like a comb. To keep it easy to use and effective, just remove the fur that adheres to the tines regularly.

I use a "furrminator" on my calico daily. It's part of the morning routine before she gets fed. After combing her, I wipe her down with moist paper towels that get all the lose hairs off as well as any dander. I'm very allergic to her, and this helps my allergies.

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