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Differences between Chipmunks vs. Squirrels?

What Makes Chipmunks Different From Squirrels?

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What are Chipmunks?

• They are animals which can be found under the family Sciuridae.
• Warm brown dominates the main bodies of these animals.
• They have distinctive stripe or color patterns on the back portion of their bodies. These patterns can have alternating white and black colors.
• The shape of their bodies is similar to that of a squirrel.
• However, they have shorter tails compared to squirrels.
• They feast on tiny vertebrates, insects (if they have no other option), legumes, fungi, seeds and nuts. They don’t consume grass and other foods which contain cellulose though.
• They can usually be found in forests but they can also be seen in urban areas or suburbs as long as those places have trees.
• They live in Northeast Asia and North America.
• These animals have already appeared in the films Alvin and the Chipmunks and Chip and Dale.

What are Squirrels?

• These animals can have the hues of brown, red, gray and black.
• Their huge ears never go down.
• They have huge eyes as well.
• They have longer back legs which have a lot of power.
• They have huge tails which are really bushy. These tails are twice the lengths of their owners. Chipmunks don’t have this kind of tail.
• They feast on fungi, insects, eggs, green vegetables and nuts for they are omnivores.
• They can live in urban and marginal areas but it can’t be denied that these animals are huge fans of trees.
• They can be seen in a few parts of Africa, Asia, Europe and North America.
• Examples of squirrels: black, red, Eastern Grey and albino squirrels.
• These animals have made an appearance in stories such as the Watership Down, The Chronicles of Narnia and the Redwall series.

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