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Is it safe to declaw my cat’s nails?

Is declawing my cat’s nails dangerous for it in any way? What precautions should I take if I choose to do this?

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In the long term, declawing can turn out to be an expensive investment as declawing can cause serious health problems for a cat in the future. Unlike in America, declawing is actually illegal and considered a form of animal cruelty in some countries such as Norway. Declawing poses all kinds of health problems for cats as their claws are necessary to stretch their bodies and walk on their toes.

If you're worried about your furniture getting torn up by your cat, you should cover them with a blanket or wood barrier. In other words, there's other alternatives to declawing your cat... How would you like it if someone pulled out all your finger and toe nails? Your cat won't like it either, so you should avoid declawing your cat at all costs.

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