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What Animals are the Smartest in the World?

Name the Smartest Animals in the World?

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Humans are the smartest animal in the world simply because we can perform complex tasks that are not possible to be performed by other animals. But, instead of discussing humans, we are going to name animals that are smartest aside from humans.

Most of the smartest animals that were identified were mammals. One of them is the Great Apes. These apes are so smart that they can learn the American Sign Language and even teach it to others. They are known to perform tasks that involve problem solving.

The elephants are animals that are popular for their amazing memory. Aside from memory, elephants have the ability to communicate at a long distance using a low frequency sound. They are also capable of complex emotions as evidence by grieving over the death of a companion, something that is not seen in other animals.

Dolphins and whales are also known for their intelligence. Like the elephants, dolphins and whales can also communicate with the use of echolocation. Until now, scientists are baffled as to the meaning of their sounds. Dolphins are quick learners too and they can easily learn and have a great memory.

The parrots are the smartest bird. Aside from imitating sounds, parrots can actually use the words they have learned independently. They can learn as much as over 900 words and can actually use it in their small conversations with humans.

The dogs and cats are always the favorite among other animals. Not because they are very cute and nice, but probably because they are intelligent. This is evidenced by learning tricks, understanding human emotions, potty training, and following a routine. Dogs and cats are among the animals who can easily adapt to changes in the environment. They can perform complex task and learn the concept of reward system.

Aside from these animals, octopuses where also held as very intelligent as well as squirrels and pigs. But these still need further studies.

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