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How do I get rid of the odour in my cat’s litter box?

What specific steps can I take to get rid of the odour in my cat’s litter box? Will changing its diet help?

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Naturally, your cat’s litter box will always have some form of odor in it no matter what you feed it. However, there are ways to make the odour less repulsive. Try feeding your cat more natural or organic foods. Some stores also carry sprays that help hide the odor. You can also try changing the kitty litter that you use that has more of an odor blocker or fresher scent.


I would highly recommend you use Purina Tidy Cats kitty litter. It works really well, and I never smell any foul odor. Also make sure you get rid of any cat droppings in the litter box at least every 1-2 days, so it stays fresher longer.

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