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How Does a Crow Differ From a Raven?

What's the main differences between a Crow and a Raven?

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Ravens and crows are often used as symbols in many folklores, stories, and fairytales. However, many people would still find it very difficult to distinguish ravens from crows and vice versa. This is because both of these beautiful birds are majestically black but they actually have a lot of differences than similarities.

First, we have to know that a raven is under the family of crows. Corvidae I the family of birds wherein we often term it as crow and the raven species belong to it. But what we are trying to differentiate here are the American Crow and the Common Raven that are often found in the United States. These two birds are the “raven” and “crow” that we are referring now.

Although these two birds almost look the same because of their color, Common Ravens are larger than American Crows. The beaks of these two birds also differ in size and shape. A crow’s beak is thicker but the raven’s beak is larger and has a distinct shape. It is straight and curves close to the end, unlike a raven’s beak wherein it bends and curls downward starting at the middle. A raven’s feather is more pointed that is why its tail is pointed while a crow’s feather is somewhat round and arranged, giving its tail a shell-like appearance.

These two birds leave in exact opposite environments. Ravens are often found in forests, hills, or meadows where they can find complete peace while searching for food. They are known to adapt very well on different types of weather and climate changes. Crows are what we commonly see in urban areas. They can adapt well to noisy and populated places and can live with people and other forms of life. That is why farmers often have problems with crows.

Crows usually lives at an average of eight years and are very prone to diseases such as those caused by West Nile virus. Ravens on the other hand have quite an impressive lifespan. they generally live at about 30 years.

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