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How can I train my kitten to use a litter box?

What can I do if my kitten soils elsewhere? What if my litter box training is unsuccessful?

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At three or four weeks of age you could begin teaching your kitten to use a litter box. Place the box in a quiet corner where the kitten could not be distracted or disturbed, never near a cat’s food. Fill the box with enough litter to allow the kitten to scratch a hole in it then re- cover it. Allow your kitten to get used to the smell and feel of the box by placing the kitten in the box after meals or any time it will most likely use the box.

The kitten may not understand how to use the box, so each time you see it soil elsewhere in the house, simply say “No!” and gently place the kitten in the litter box. It may take longer for adult cats to be trained in using the box; however, the process is the same. If either cat or kitten avoid using the box, try moving it to another location or using a different litter.

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