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What Triggers a Chicken to Lay Eggs?

Can you explain the Way Chickens Produce Their Eggs?

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What Triggers a Chicken to Lay Eggs?

• The eyes of a chicken have a photo-receptive gland. This gland is responsible for instructing the ovary of a chicken to let go of egg cells which are needed for the production of the actual eggs. The gland can easily be stimulated by either artificial or natural light. This is the reason why coops are normally lighted all day and all night.

How Frequently Does a Chicken Lay Eggs?

• This animal gives off eggs almost everyday during its productive years. It doesn’t have the capacity to determine if it would be producing a fertilized egg or not. Thus, it continues to provide eggs regardless of the number of sperm given by the rooster.

• A chicken only ceases in producing eggs when it is on its brooding period. In this stage, the hen sits on its eggs waiting for them to hatch. If you don’t want this to happen to your chicken, then immediately get its eggs everyday.

The Actual Production

• Inside the uterine wall of a chicken, the albumen (egg white), yolk and egg cell are all bonded by a membrane.
• Its outer shell takes form when calcium, salt and water start to cover the membrane.
• Then, the egg starts to have its normal shape.
• Once this happens, contraction is being done by the chicken’s uterus to get the egg out of its system. It comes out of the chicken’s vent (external opening). An internal flap called cloaca is also triggered at this point of time to prevent the chicken from excreting its waste while it’s still laying eggs. Cloaca keep eggs from having any poisonous material
• Once the egg finally gets out of the vent, then you can slowly get it from the chicken’s nest.

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