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Why does my cat like to lick plastic bags and the other one is loud why?

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When cats lick things excessively, it can mean a number of things. 1st) Your cat is hungry 2) Your cat is thirsty and may have diabetes

If you aren't giving your cat wet cat food, I'd start with that. I'd also leave dry cat food out so your cat can munch on whenever it gets hungry. Also leave plenty of water out for your cat, and make sure it's refreshed daily.

A cat that meow's loudly can also mean a number of things 1) Your cat is hungry 2) Your cat is dehrydrated / thirsty. 3) You cat could have a medical issue (e.x.: diabetes or tooth issue), take your cat to the Vet to get checked out.

Make sure you are giving your cat wet cat food. Try something like: Sheba Perfect PORTIONS Cuts in Gravy Entrée Wet Cat Food

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