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What can I do to encourage my cat to drink more water?

How do I keep my kitty hydrated? What should I do if I think my cat is not drinking enough?

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Water is essential to your cat’s health and can even be instrumental in helping prevent some severe health issues such as Feline Urological Syndrome.

- You can encourage your kitty to stay hydrated by sprinkling a little water on top of your pet’s canned food.

- Use glass or stainless steel water bowls since plastic bowls leave a taste that cats don’t like. Always make sure that the water is fresh and clean so refresh your cat’s water bowl daily.

- Use filtered water instead of tap water since the latter can be heavily chlorinated or have too high a concentration of minerals.

It’s very important to pay attention to your cat’s “normal” water consumption. It’s time for a trip to your local vet if you notice excessive changes in your cat’s daily water intake.

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