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What Makes an Ape different from a Monkey?

What Makes an Ape Distinct From a Monkey?

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• It is an animal that is considered as a primate.
• It is an anthropoid type of primate.
• It is an animal which is classified according to its size. If it’s small, then it is a “lesser ape” which can either be a siamang or gibbon. If it has a gigantic size, then it is definitely a “greater ape” which can be an orangutan, bonobo, chimpanzee or gorilla.
• It has a genetic make up which is closely similar to that of humans.
• It can solve problems, use utensils and learn signs when properly trained.
• It species are generally bigger than monkeys except for gibbons.
• It has longer arms compared to its legs.
• It has a broad back too.
• It doesn’t have a tail.
• It isn’t too fond of living in trees but it can certainly use its arms in swinging from their branches.
• It usually lives on the ground.


• It is viewed as a primate too.
• It is an anthropoid kind of primate too.
• South and Central America are the regions where New-world monkeys can be found while Asia and Africa are the habitats of Old-world monkeys.
• It has a subgroup which consists of more than 200 distinct species of capuchins, macaques, tamarins and baboons.
• It acts and thinks like a tarsier or lemur. Thus, it is less intelligent that an ape.
• It is smaller than an ape.
• The length of its legs and arms are more or less the same.
• It has a longer chest.
• It has a tail which serves as its limb no. 5. Its tail also allows it to swing from tree to tree and not its arms. This feature makes the animal suited for treetop habitats as well.

Despite the differences that apes and monkeys have from each other, they are still being hunted down by poachers in the forest. Thus, call a reliable conservation agency for you to help preserve and keep these animals for the years to come.

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