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Why is my chihuahua shedding so much?

i have a 4 year old chihuahua..she does have fleas but the shedding started before she got them and i wanna know why.well whenever i carry her and put her down i have a whole lot of her hairs in my shirt.and her cage is full of hair.everytime she runs her hair starts falling off all over the carpet.please help .??? thanks

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It sounds like your chihuahua is not very healthy and could have some sort of skin bacterial or fungal infection, possibly caused from dust mites. I would definitely recommend that you bring the chihuahua to the Vet to get checked out.

To deal the the skin infections at home, you can try getting a bottle Zymox Medicated Pet Shampoo and shampooing your dog regularly as instructed. I would also vacuum your house and carpets regularly and wash any and all dog bedding and pillows.
Zymox Medicated Pet Shampoo:

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