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Is a Cow More Dangerous Than a Shark?

Are Cows responsible for more deaths or do Sharks kill more people?

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Believe it or not but sharks impose less threat to humankind compared to cows. Let’s take the data gathered in US as concrete evidence. The annual death rate caused by shark attacks in this country is 20 times lower than the death rate from its shark attacks. These sea creatures even get to kill an average number of one individual alone on a yearly basis. Most of the time, they don’t even mean to eat the person for they have simply thought that he or she is a large fish floating in the ocean. Cows, on the other hand, attack their victims with full awareness.

Additional Incidents or Things that Can Surprisingly Kill You

• Furniture

More individuals die from falling out of a chair or even from one’s bed. In fact, death reports are significantly higher from these places compared to taller establishments and even from extremely high cliffs. This statement might sound ironic but it’s a fact.

• Water Coming From a Faucet

Yes, you’ve read that item right. Tap water can certainly kill you if it has a very high temperature. Thus, make sure that you get to check the temperature coming from your faucet before you get into your precious bath tub. Also, make sure that you don’t get to belong to the 35 individuals dying on an annual basis for they have failed to follow this advice.

• The Stairs at Your Home or at Your Workplace

Actually, stairs in any establishment can cause you to die. They are certainly not safe to use for someone who is very clumsy. On a yearly basis, 2,000 people are found dead on a staircase while only 6 individuals are found in elevators. Thus, as much as possible, make use of an elevator or an escalator instead. They are more convenient and you will surely acquire fewer injuries from these equipments.

i think sharks r more dangerous

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