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How to Drive Away Stray Cats From Your Yard?

How can you keep stray cats from coming on my property and in my yard?

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How do you make your yard 100% cat-free? Well, there are countless methods that you can use without taking away the lives of these animals and we have certainly listed most of those procedures below.

• Know the main reason for the existence of those cats in your neighborhood. If somebody is giving them food, then you have to tell this person politely that he or she is doing something that is destroying the peace and order in the area. With no food coming from that individual, there would definitely be no cats.

• It is common knowledge that cats hate water so simply establish a sprinkler inside your yard. This equipment must be activated by motion for you to easily drive those animals way.

• Come up with a program that will completely trap, relocate or alter and provide vaccination to those stray cats. You can ask the cooperation of your neighbors for this step or you can hire a professional team to do the mentioned tasks above.

• Make your yard a place that cats would truly hate. Place plants that are not appealing to them. Cats despise plants such as lemon verbena, garlic, lavender and geranium for they all have a strong odor. Also, you may put eggshells, coffee beans, nuts, pine cones and chicken wire in your garden for cats completely hate walking on these things.

• Moreover, don’t give them a space to pee or take a nap inside your yard.

Cats can be adorable pets and great companions. However, stray ones can bring all sorts of diseases to anyone who touches them. Thus, make sure that you follow all of the tips that we have mentioned above for you to maintain the health and welfare of your family members and even of all the people living in your neighborhood.

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