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Can Rats make good Pets?

Can Rats be Pets?

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When people talk about rats, they would often think of them as pests and wild creatures that bring nothing but havoc to the crops and infrastructures. They are dirty, messy, and foul. They live in canals and symbolize uncleanliness in society. But, little do people know that these rodents are actually more than what most people perceive of them. As pets, they are among the smartest cleanest, and most sociable companion.
Rats that are bred or domesticated are actually lovable creatures. They are perfect for people who do not know yet how to handle pets because these rodents are smart. They are smarter than the gerbils, mice, and hamsters, which makes them perfect even for kids who wanted to have them as pets.

Rats love social contact with human beings or with other animals. They are affectionate and very sociable. They are tame and lovable. A rat owner should always keep them company or put another rat in the cage. If you do not want to have many rats, opt to have rats with the same sex because rats breed fast. If you want to have only one rat, then make sure to keep them company always or else their short life will become dull and sad. They only live for about two years so better give them a cheerful and happy life.

Keeping them as pets is never hard. Contrary to what people think of them, rats are very clean. They hate being dirty and would often clean themselves up. They make use of their surroundings to create their home. What sets them apart from other pets is that they easily distinguish the place for sleeping and place for defecating or urinating. They don’t like to urinate or defecate on areas where they sleep. So, take advantage of this and give them a litter box to make cleaning up easy. Last but definitely not the least, rats love to have toys or anything to play with. They are smart creatures and can easily go through puzzles and mazes, which is why it is necessary to give them puzzles or mazes that they can go through and play. You can teach them a couple of tricks too such as fetch and recognizing your whistle.

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