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What is the difference between a Lion vs a Tiger?

What Makes Tigers Different From Lions?

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Here is what makes Tigers Different From Lions:

What are Tigers?

• They are more superior compared to lions when it comes to agility, strength, weight, muscles and length.
• They are basically more dominant and fiercer than lions.
• Their genes are more prominent compared to that of a lion when they are being mixed.
• They can live on their own. They don’t need to belong to a group unlike a lion.
• They feed on their own prey.
• They can usually be found in the jungle when they hunt for their food.
• Male tigers don’t possess manes unlike male lions.
• They are animals which have huge black stripes all over their bodies

What are Lions?

• They are more superior compared than tigers when it comes to height.
• Male lions have huge manes surrounding their faces. An interesting fact about them is that they are actually lazy and they are less active than male tigers.
• You would rarely find a male lion hunting its prey.
• They depend on their mates for food.
• A lioness is the one responsible in hunting for the food of its family. Ironically, it acts as the ‘breadwinner’ of its mate and children. It searches for its prey in the savannah.
• All lions have a big group which they belong to. A group of lion is given the name “pride”. The leader of the tribe is required to be a male lion. A lioness can never be chosen as the head of the tribe.
• They may be considered as ‘King of the Jungle’ but lions are certainly more sociable then tigers. They interact better with their peers and their prides are like their respective families.
• Lions don’t possess stripes unlike tigers. This is the main characteristic which makes them distinct from the latter.

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