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How can you Differentiate an Ox from a Bull?

What's the difference between a Ox and a Bull?

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Bulls and ox may look identical or similar to the naked eye; however, these cousins share differences when it comes to size, usefulness, and how they are being treated in the society.

Ox is the larger cousin of bull. Their built has been very useful for farm use such as pulling and helping out plow in the fields. They help out in transportation of goods from one farm to the other. Oftentimes, they exceed the common lifespan of four years, which allows them to grow bigger, stronger, and bulkier. Their stocky, large, and bulky frame makes them a perfect helper in the fields. Since they are the helpers in the farm, they are not often used as a food, simply because people prefer the meat of the cattle than the ox. Ox is usually castrated simply to control breeding because farmers would not need much ox simply because they are not a popular food source.

In religion and symbolism, the ox is a popular figure of the Hindus. They are part of their deities and has their own celebration to recognize the ox.

The bulls are actually the male cows or cattle that we commonly see in the farm or barn, eating green grass and the milk provider of the farm. A bull is the smaller cousin of the ox and usually, their lifespan do not exceed 4 years because they are often slaughtered for meat. Unlike the ox, bulls are not castrated because they need to be breed for food purposes as well as dairy supplies. Their meat is most preferred by the people.

In religion, oftentimes the bull is associated with the ox and they are often regarded as the same entities, just like in the Chinese zodiac as well as in symbolism. Only the Hindus separate the ox from the bull.

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