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How do you Eliminate the Skunk Odor from your Dog?

Is there a good way to get rid of the Smell of Skunk Spray from a Dog.

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What is a Skunk Odor?

• The bad odor of a skunk comes from the glands inside its anus.
• It serves as the animal’s protection from its attackers such as huge bears
• It can cause its victim to breathe unevenly, be nauseated and go blind temporarily.

What are the things that you should if your dog acquires a skunk odor?

• Give your pet a thorough bath as soon as you can to eliminate the odor from its body and to keep your house from acquiring the bad smell as well.
• Use more than your usual dog shampoo and soap for this step. Apply hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and skunk odor shampoo in washing your pet.
• Carefully wipe your pet after this procedure.
• However, you can take your pet to a dog shop if you’re allergic to skunk odor or if you have asthma.
• Take your pet to its veterinarian if it rubs its face most of the time or if its eyes look irritated.

Skunk Odor Shampoos

• These products are ideal for cats as well and they are readily available in most pet shops.
• They contain enzymes which are very effective in eliminating skunk odor.
• Just don’t keep your pet from eating the solution and instruct it to close its eyes as you apply the special shampoo.
• You can use furniture sprays or household cleaners on your pet but makes sure that they don’t contain harmful chemicals that can damage your pet’s skin.
• Visit your pet’s veterinarian for his or her suggestion on the cleaning items that you can use for your pet.

A Cleaning Solution That You Can Make At Home

• This solution is formulated by chemist Paul Krebaum. It involves a mixture of laundry detergent or liquid dish soap (1-2 tsps), baking soda (1/4 cup) and fresh hydrogen peroxide (1 quart).
• The solution should be used immediately for the combination of baking soda and peroxide can be harmful to your household.
• After getting the solution done, wear a pair of gloves (rubber) and bathe your pet with the use of the solution that you have made.
• Dip a clean cloth or sponge into the mixture and apply the material to your pet’s head.
• Let the solution do its job and wash it off from your pet’s body after 5 minutes.
• Just repeat this motion again and again if the odor persists. After that, you can finally use your pet’s favorite shampoo to further clean your dog.
• Use a towel to dry your pet and don’t use a blow dryer.

Preventive Measures

• Place artificial horned owls on your yard for these replicas can certainly scare away skunks.
• Make sure that your yard is free from any food before the night comes to keep skunks from entering your dog’s territory.

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