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Why won’t my cat let me touch her?

Why does my cat refuse to let me touch her? How do I fix this?

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If your cat is newly acquired, then her behaviour is perfectly normal. Give her some time to get accustomed to her surroundings. If you cat has been with you for some time now, it may just be having a mood swing. Just reassure your cat that you love her by talking to her sweetly, putting out treats, and giving her the space that she needs.

my cat is eleven year's old and i still can't pick her up or pet her she's been my baby since birth and i love her she was also born premature very small

My cat is 14 years old and only allows a light pet on the head for no more than a minute before she turns to bite. She is still my baby and has slept next to me since the day we brought her home as a kitten. She is playful but will bite and scratch really hard so we have to be careful. I think it is just her personality and how she has survived for so long and in so many different evironments and other pets.

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