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Should i let my neighbor's cat inside?

Should i let my neighbor's cat inside my house? It looks like it wants to come in, but I'm not sure if that's a good idea.

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No, you should not let your neighbor's cat inside your house. This will just create a bad tendency for the cat to want to come inside your house more often. This could create problems with the cat and your neighbors, if they find out you are letting their cat in your house.

If the cat appears to be hungry then you should only feed the cat outside (not inside your house). You can just leave a little cat food in a dish outside for the cat to eat.

My neighbor's cat comes by for a 1 hour visit every few days. Has a nap beside us on the couch, and leaves.

So cute and nice. Luckily I have great neighbors and they don't mind.

I give it 2 vitamins and 6 tiny cat treats (about 15 calories) if it's been good.

Smudge is the cat's name. It's really adorable and social with all the neighbors. The neighbor has another younger cat but it doesn't come by.

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