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How Does an Animal Cell Differ from a Plant Cell?

What are the Differences Between an Animal cell and a Plant cell?

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All living creatures are composed of cells. Animals and plants share a common similarity, and this is the presence of a cell. Since animals function differently from a plant, they have different structure as well as functions of the cells that they have.

Cellulose plays a great difference between plant and animal cell. Cellulose is present among plant cells and is structured on the cell wall. It allows the plant to gather more nutrients without compromising the cell and avoid it from bursting. It allows plant cells to gather more nutrients through osmosis but still preserve the plant cells. Animal cells however, don’t have such quality and when applied with much pressure, the animal cell cannot hold on and will eventually burst.

Photosynthesis is one of the biggest differences between an animal cell and plant cell. Animal cells cannot do photosynthesis since animal cells cannot convert food from the sun source. Plant cells however, can do photosynthesis. It is one primary function of the plant cells. Plants can generate food sources from the sun.
The structure itself shows many differences between these two types of cells. Small vacuoles are present in plant cells and oftentimes they are numerous. Animal cells have bigger vacuoles and it is small in number. Bigger vacuoles would use up larger spaces and accommodate most of the cell space. These vacuoles can be viewed under the microscope.

Since both are cells, amidst their differences, animal and plant cells also have similarities. Both cells have single nucleus, making them a eukaryotic cell. Cytoplasm protects the walls of the cell as well as cell membranes that allow osmosis and other functions within and outside the cells to work. Different animal species and plant species may vary in their cell structure to accommodate their survival needs. It may be on the shape, structure, or component itself.

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