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How do I make my cats fleas flee?

What is a good flea shampoo? Do flea collars work?

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First of all, you should probably bathe your cat really good, but don’t use cat flea shampoo since it has harmful chemicals that can harm your cat’s skin. Use the Dawn dishwasher soap or baby shampoo because it’s gentler and kills fleas on contact. When you’re bathing your cat, make sure they have the soap on for at least five minutes to kill as many fleas as possible.

Try putting a teaspoon of raw, organic, apple cider vinegar (ACV) in your cat’s drinking water. If they won’t drink, start by putting a drop and as they get used to it slowly increase to a teaspoon. Consider switching your cat to a raw food diet to make them healthier, have stronger immune systems and tend to not have fleas. Don’t ever get your cat a flea collar because it’s very unhealthy for your pet and for you when you’re around your cat, plus, it doesn’t even work.

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