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How long should you keep a Kitty Litter Box?

What is the recommend time you should keep using a plastic Cat Kitty Litter box before replacing it with a new one? Just wondering, if after a few years I should buy a new kitty litter box for my cat, since the bottom of it is getting a little dirty.

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If you can afford it, probably after 3-5 years you should think about replacing the kitty litter box, especially if the bottom of the plastic has become soiled and unable to be cleaned fully.  You can purchase a Litter Box on amazon for less the $10, so it's worth buying a new one every few years.

Cats have very sensitive smell, so having an uncleaned litter box can become a problem, as your cat may not want to use it for going potty. Make sure you scoop feces out daily, and replace the kitty litter every two to three weeks.

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