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How I do stop my Siamese cat from meowing all the time?

Why does my Siamese meow all the time? How can I alleviate its meowing?

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The Siamese breed is known in the cat community for being an extremely vocal breed. Meowing seems to be an inherent part of its genetic makeup. If you are willing to allow your cat to sleep with you, that might work as a measure to curb her meowing at night. Also, make sure to put out food and toys and make them accessible to your cat at all times of the day.

If your cat is like my two siamese, he wants to go outside. Problem is -- I won't let them go outside. The world is a hostile place for expensive purebred kitties. But I found the secret! When it's raining they don't want to go out, they just sit and look silently at the rain. Even if I open the door wide, they won't go out. They hate to get their aristocrastic fur wet. So I rigged up some "rain," and you might want to try this... Just fill a plastic milk jug or other large container with water, having first punched a few tiny holes in the bottom. Bend a wire coat-hanger to hook the jug over the door somehow (I'll let you figure that out) and bingo -- instant rain. The gentle trickling and plip-plop sounds, and the water splashing on the ground make them think it's raining and they quiet down immediately.

Siamese cats are very intelligent and when they want something can be as persistant as a two year old. Sping has just returned to our area and my cat wants to be out in the yard, something we do once a day in nice weather. Once a day is not enough so she is having a meowing tanturn. Now you have to know your cat and know it's not because she needs food, medical help but for today I sit with my water spray bottle and her meows get me to find her and spray water in her direction. I don't even have to hit her with the water. We go through this every spring. After today (she settled down after five sprays) she will still meow to go out for her regulat routside time and that's okay but she won't fuss when she comes back in.If you don't want her to go out at all I expect if you only spray when she wants out she will stop.

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