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How does a Jaguar differ from a Leopard?

How are Jaguars and Leopards Different From Each Other?

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The cat family, especially the big and wild cats, are always objects of fascination and even studies to us human beings. These fascinating families of cats have their own differences on how they bring carry their lives especially when it comes to survival. Leopards and jaguars are from the cat family who share some similarities as well as differences.

Jaguars are known as cats in the New World which means that they are found in the areas of Central America, South America, Mexico, and some areas in the United States. Jaguar is a large cat that can reach up to 200 lbs. with a height of 2 feet or more. The length of the jaguar can reach as long as 6 feet and even longer. Because of their body built and weight, jaguars can suffocate their prey until it dies. Some would prefer to bite off the preys head and drag the dead body to a secure area to feed. Ambush type of catching their prey is the most preferred method to capture their prey. Jaguars are popular because of their tawny brown coat with black rosette spots which are a prize for some hunters.

Leopards are the smaller cats when compared with jaguars. Actually, they are one of the smallest of the cat family with a coat similar to a jaguar but with a smaller and more tightly spaced rosettes. Although some of the leopards can reach as heavy as 200 lbs, most of them are only 100 to 150 lbs. Their length is about 5 feet with a height of only 2 feet. Leopards feed by biting their prey to death and bring the dead body high in the tree to feed. These are also known as Old World cats because they are often found in China, Middle East, Africa, and India.

These two amazing and beautiful creatures need to be preserved well in the wild because as the years go by, their population is slowly declining due to hunting.

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