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What are the Differences between a Sheep and a Goat?

What Makes a Goat Different From a Sheep?

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What is a Goat?

• It is an animal that has 60 chromosomes.
• It falls under the Capra Hircus species.
• It is an animal that is relatively thinner than a sheep.
• It has hair.
• It has a beard.
• It prefers to live in the wild. In fact, wild goats are not scarce at all.
• It has a less craved, more upright and narrower horn compared to a sheep.
• The tail of a goat is in standing position most of the time. It doesn’t hang down like what a sheep’s tail does.
• It feasts on vines, twigs, shrubs and leaves.
• It is an independent and curious animal. It can often be seen alone in the wild.
• It is usually eaten by people in the Indian sub continent and in the Middle East.
• It is not capable of providing wool.

What is a Sheep?

• It is an animal that has 54 chromosomes.
• It falls under the Ovas Aries species.
• It is an animal that is tubbier than a goat.
• It has fleece.
• It has a mane.
• It is more prolific in breeding.
• It is a domesticated animal compared to a goat. Thus, it’s not a surprise to find them mingling with human beings.
• A unique philtrum divides the upper lip of a sheep. A goat doesn’t possess this feature.
• The tail of a sheep hangs down. It doesn’t stand up unlike that of a goat.
• It can often be seen eating clovers and grasses.
• It doesn’t move away from its flock. It is quiet dependent with its peers and with its care taker.
• It is often eaten by people from the Western countries.
• It provides us with wool and other products.

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