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Do animals cry?

Are animals able to cry?

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The Truth Behind Animal Tears

• Animals may not have human emotions but they are actually capable of producing tears
• They do lachrimation (the process of producing tears) for them to keep their eyes healthy
• Tissues are the ones responsible for producing tears in then lachrymal system of a mammal
• Tears are equivalent to the water bath that animals that live in the seas are accustomed to
• They produce osmotic balance in the eyes because of their salt content
• They prevent eye infections since they have nutrients that can fight against germs and bacteria
• They maintain the moist in the cornea of an animal’s eye preventing it from being dry and rough
• They wash away foreign objects which get into the eyes to prevent it from having irritation
• On the other hand, animals can actually be distressed emotionally. They produce sounds when they are being taken away from their mothers. For example, young elephants weep by creating extremely sad, keening sounds to show how depressed they are with the absence of their mothers.
• A bear cub even sounds like a crying baby when they are not able to find their mothers. Its cry is its way of telling its mother that she is needed
• Animals are so different from humans yet there are a lot of instances which indicate that they are actually attuned to what we are feeling. They are connected to us in ways that science would never be able to explain.
• For example, pets grieve when their masters pass way. In fact, a fountain and a statue were built for a tiny dog that never left the grave of his master until he eventually died.
• Pets lose their appetite when another pet of their master dies. It’s as if they have lost a playing buddy and a great friend at the same time

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