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What are the differences between a Husky and a Wolf?

Husky and Wolf: Quite Similar but Different?

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Huskies are wolves are often mistaken as similar or the same breed of animals, however, these two are completely different and comes from different lines with a common ancestor. They have different temperaments, way of living, and even how people perceive these two beautiful creatures.

Wolves are very dominant creatures and are known for their carnivorous side. They are territorial creatures and they value the strength of their leader. They are from a family of canine and they travel in packs. Young wolves do not leave the pack or their mothers until the age of 2 wherein they become independent and join other packs. Some would even create their own packs. They are versatile and can survive in different climate zones from warm to cold. Wolves are majestic creatures however; many people would hunt them and use their heads and coats as ornaments and prized possessions. They are often associated with folklore and stories of the ancient past and sometimes regarded as magical creatures.

Huskies are not the same with wolves but they do come from one ancestry. Huskies are sled dogs and they have different breeds such as Siberian huskies, Alaskan huskies, and Greenland huskies. They are gentle dogs but they tend to be rough when they want to play around. They do not thrive in warm climates but they do enjoy the cool climate zones because they have a very thick fur that protects them from cold. They are reliable dogs and are well-loved by people. They are not hunted as ornaments but they are kept as pets in homes where children can play with them and adults can make use of the sled dogs. Huskies may look like wolves but the way they live and their temperament is enough to tell that they are completely different.

Wolves and huskies are different creatures and serve with different purpose. We must respect and take good care of these wonderful creatures that have given us delight and stories of mysteries.

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