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Differences between a Badger vs. a Wolverine?

What Makes a Badger Different From a Wolverine?

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What is a Badger?

• It is an animal that is known as brock.
• Its maximum length is 30”.
• Its maximum weight is 30 lbs which makes it a lighter animal compared to a wolverine.
• It is less resilient to frost because of its fur.
• It is a better climber, swimmer and digger compared to a wolverine.
• It usually digs its food. It feasts on amphibians, grubs, rodents, insects and earthworms.
• It also eats small birds, reptiles and rabbits.
• It belongs to a social clan which can have 13 members (adult).
• It lives in a ‘sett’ which can be found underground.
• It can be found in China, East Japan, Southern Scandinavia, Great Britain, Ireland and North America.

• In popular culture, it is a character in flash cartoon which became popular all over the world.

What is a Wolverine?

• It is an animal that is popular for the names glutton, carcajou, devil bear and skunk Bear.
• Given its nickname, this creature certainly looks like a bear.
• Its maximum length is 36”.
• Its maximum weight is 80 lbs.
• It has more lean muscles than a badger.
• It has incredible strength and fierce as an animal.
• It is a carnivore that usually feasts on moose small bears, sheep and deer.
• It is more receptive, elusive, clever and active than a badger.
• It is the biggest mustelid that lives on land.
• It likes to live on its own.
• It is actually afraid of frost and water because of its oilier and thicker fur.
• It can be found in Mongolia, China, Northern Canada, Baltic countries, Russia, Scandinavia, Siberia and Alaska.
• In popular culture, it refers to the X-men member who has claws that are made of razor.

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