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What Makes a Falcon Different From a Hawk?

How these two birds different: Falcon vs. a Hawk?

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What is a Hawk?

• It is a bird that is categorized under the Accipitrinae subfamily and the Accipiter genus. This animal is found in more than one genus.
• This creature has a sharp vision and it is usually big in size. It is rare to see a tiny hawk flying in a forest.
• It has a long tail and it hunts its food by sudden dashes from a hidden perch.
• It uses its talons to catch and kill its prey. It doesn’t always use its beak when its out there hunting for food.
• It has a smoother, curvier beak and shorter wings compared to a hawk.
• It usually glides on a descent and flies slowly. So, it would surely lose on a flying contest if it has a hawk as its competitor.
• It lives in woodlands. Thus, you won’t see this bird in a huge city.
• Other kinds of hawks are the sharp shinned hawks, goshawks and sparrow hawks.

What is a Falcon?

• It is a bird that falls under one genus which is the Genus falco.
• It has extremely sharp eyesight which is even twice than what we have. Thus, don’t underestimate the capabilities of a falcon. It may be smaller than a hawk but it is still a great hunter.
• It strongly claws and tears the flesh of its prey with the use of its powerful and angular bended beak, lengthy, thin and tapered wings.
• Young falcons fly like average birds. However, these young birds are already trained to hunt for their prey at their age.
• Mature falcons can easily change directions and fly really high. In fact, the peregrine falcon is considered as the fastest moving creature and flying bird all over the world.
• Other types of falcons are the hobbies, gyrfalcon, Merlin and Lanner.

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