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How do I break up a cat fight?

How do I do it without getting hurt or hurting them?

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When cats are about to get into a fight and they are screaming and glaring, just make a loud noise by clapping, stomping or yelling “NO” to distract them. If they are in a middle of a fight, use a broom and move it in between the cats, “sweeping” them in opposite directions. You can use a garden hose if the fight is outdoors by giving them a brief squirt. Cats won’t be able to stop themselves and lash at whatever comes near them during a fight so don’t get in the middle of a fight. Aggression-crazed cats can give you serious infections from cat bites and deep scratches.

Throwing things or hurting the cats won’t help either, it will just make them more aggressive and it can permanently destroy their trust in you. Check your cat for injuries after you’ve broken up a fight but if your cat growls at you or lashing his tail as you approach, back off and let him calm down some more before examining him.

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