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What's the difference between Pumas vs. Cougars?

What Makes Pumas Different From Cougars?

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What are Cougars?

• In the world of fashion, cougars are females who are within the range of 40 years old up to 59 years old.
• They date males who are 25 years of age and below.
• They don’t have a sense of loyalty.
• They can have as many sleeping partners as they want regardless whether these men know each other or not. You can say that cougars are not decent at all.
• A cougar only shows a sense of commitment to a certain guy once this man has already fulfilled all of her needs. The needs of a cougar include material possessions of course.
• The relationships of cougar women don’t really last that long. They go for flings and they stay away from serious relationships.

What are Pumas?

• In the world of fashion, pumas are females who are in their late 20s or 30s who go out with male who are still in their 20s. Generally, pumas go for men who are years younger than them. They are the same with cougars when it comes to this matter.
• Sometimes, they are seen ‘hunting’ for men with cougar women. Take note that this doesn’t usually happen.
• They usually go with their fellow puma girls in looking for their younger ‘prey’. They stick with their peer for they are not comfortable searching for a guy on their own.
• They listen to the latest tracks. They keep themselves up to date with everything that’s new in the society.
• They also have the most fashionable clothes in their closets. They don’t go for cheap looking outfits for they consider themselves as ‘queens’ when it comes to the latest trend.
• They are often spotted in clubs and bars because these are the places where they look for their love interests.

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