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Is the bite of a tarantula spider deadly to humans?

Can you die from being biten by a tarantula spider?

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Contrary to popular belief a bite from tarantulas are generally not dangerous to humans. Tarantulas reputation is not great, mainly because they are big, hairy and do have poisonous venom. However, a bite from a tarantula won't kill a person unless a person is allergic to it. A bite from a tarantula is said to be no worse than a bee sting.

Tarantula venom is relatively harmless to humans, there is a theory that it is possible to die from an allergic reaction but, there is no recorded history of death by tarantula. However majority of tarantulas that are New World ( N. & S. America) have urticating bristles located in most species on the abdomen. These bristles when discharged from the tarantula will cause localized irritation which may or may not be discomforting, if you are affected use duct tape to pull the bristles from the exposed area. Anti-itch cream of any strength or brand will not help. With tarantula venom it is known to be extremely potent on non primate animals such as felines, dogs, and rodents and kill in a matter of minutes. Tarantula may save humans lives one day as research is using it as a more effective alternative to adrenal shots and a possible cure for muscular dystrophy. Tarantulas make great pets as they do not demand attention or expensive accessories, in many cases the spider is actually more expensive than the resources. Tarantulas only need to be fed on a weekly basis. The most important thing for tarantula care is a bowl of water

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