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What Makes a Dog different From a Wolf?

What are the main differences between a Dog versus a Wolf

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What is a Dog?

• It is often a domesticated animal.
• It doesn’t have the instincts of a hunter compared to a wolf.
• It is an animal that barks but it can also howl with proper training.
• It can live alone. It even tends to fight with other dogs that are unfamiliar to them.
• It usually eats kibble or dog food.
• It is even treated as man’s best friend.
• It is a well loved pet by many individuals.
• Dogs can’t grow larger than wolves.
• The “heating period” of a female dog occurs twice every 12 months.
• It belongs to the family ‘Canis familiaris’ of the Animal Kingdom.

What is a Wolf?

• It is an animal that lives in the wild which makes it dangerous to be around people or to even live inside a person’s home.
• However, it is a cleverer animal compared to a dog.
• It howls to communicate with other wolves. This animal can’t imitate the bark of a dog.
• It loves to socialize with its fellow wolves. In fact, a wolf usually belongs to a certain pack.
• A wolf is a natural hunter.
• It’s not oblivious of the different movements in its surroundings.
• It feasts on raw meat of other animals.
• Its teeth are made in such a way that they can easily cut through the skin of its prey. It can break bigger bones with the help of its strong molars.
• It is more powerful than a dog when it comes to physical strength.
• Wolves are often huge in body size.
• They have wider craniums and bigger feet.
• A wolf’s legs and muzzle are longer than that of a dog.
• The “heating period” of a female wolf occurs only once a year.
• It belongs to the family “Canis Lupus’ of the Animal Kingdom.

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