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When do I train my cat to go outside?

What are the benefits and risks of bringing my cat outside? How can I protect my cat from the risks?

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If he’s happy living indoors it really goes against accepted medical advice to start letting him out now, especially right before or after a move when he may be confused as to what “his” territory is and end up running away. My friend’s cat started letting her cat out and within a year he contracted Feline Leukemia Virus – a virus that impairs the immune and causes all sorts of cancer.

Cats outside have a 1 in 25 chance of carrying that virus, and there are a lot more cats roaming outside than you might think. A better approach is enriching his indoor environment – a perch on the window, tall cat tree for scratching and climbing, a pot of cat grass and more play time with you. All the benefits of the outdoors can be achieved indoors without the risks.

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