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Why will dogs chase their tails?

Is there any particular reason as to why dogs chase their tails? If I observe my dog doing this, does this mean that there’s something wrong with it?

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Dog experts have come up with several theories as to why dogs chase their tails. First off, note that if you observe your dog engaging in this phenomenon, it is perfectly normal and nothing to be concerned about in most cases.

Some experts think that this occurs when a dog is bored and has nothing better do. Playing with your dog or providing it with toys or activities to keep it busy will likely cause it to stop chasing its tail. In certain cases however, it is possible that the reason a dog is experiencing some form of physical discomfort. It is possible that the dog is itching or that fleas are present on its tail. If your dog appears to be extremely uncomfortable, taking a trip to the vet might be a good idea.

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