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Why do some Dogs Love to Eat Grass?

Dogs Love Eating Grass, But Why?

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Ever wonder why your dog eats grass? Well, there’s a lot of debate as to why this is, but unfortunately there is no conclusive answer. Some dogs love grass so much that they eat it any chance they get, while others dogs are only occasional samplers. Some dogs appear to eat it only to throw it up later purposely – perhaps to help with a stomach problem. Regardless of the reason, dogs at one point or another will eat grass and this is normal, but be mindful of radical changes as this could be a sign for abdominal issues.

Upset Stomachs

Most people and veterinarians alike believe that dogs eat grass to cure upset stomachs. Typically dogs will bite off whole clumps of grass, not chew and swallow immediately. This causes the dog to vomit shortly after and is thought to act as a purging method to relieve stomach stress. Though this is unproven, this seems to be the most common explanation for why dogs eat grass.


Others believe dogs ingest grass purely out of joy because not all dogs vomit after consumption. Maybe certain types of grass taste better than others, or perhaps grass smells like the vegetables that many dogs seem to enjoy. Regardless, if your dog does not get sick, it can be a harmless and tasty treat once in a while.

Diet Concerns

While enjoying grass as a treat is okay, pet owners should be concerned if grass is eaten excessively. This could be a sign of nutritional irregularities or perhaps something more serious. At the first sign of a health concern, it is important to seek professional help immediately. A licensed veterinarian can help you determine if certain fibers or vitamins are lacking in your dog’s diet. If the problem persists, some owners have tried increasing the fiber in their pet’s diet as this is reported to lower a dog’s need for grass.

Other Concerns

Generally speaking, the consumption of grass is not uncommon, nor is it something to be alarmed about. However, many lawns these days consist of harmful insecticides and chemicals which are extremely dangerous for dogs. Pet owners are advised to not fertilize their lawns or gardens, and to keep their dogs off manicured lawn as much as possible.

Behavioral Changes

If your dog is suddenly eating more grass than usual and throwing it up it afterwards, this should be checked out by a veterinarian. In fact, it is always best to err on the side of caution any time significant behavioral changes are noticed. The sooner the problem is identified, the less chance that it can develop into something more serious.

Why Are My Dogs Eating Grass?
Former Veterinary Nurse - So your beloved dog is clearly acting like a cow and you are totally confused to why you just witnessed your dog eating grass. Is he hungry? Bored? or Sick? Rest assured that you?re not alone in your concern, especially if your dog is eating grass & being sick. The unsolved mystery deepens of why dogs eat grass. There have been a number of theories over the years as to why dogs eat grass and as yet, there is still not one meaningful explanation. I can say that I have witnessed a dog eating grass and accidentally getting a good nasal cleanse, as the thick blade of grass invades the nasal passage & explosively finds its way back out. Thou it is highly unlikely that the dog eating grass was intentionally cleaning out his nose! A dog eating grass does not have the ability to digest it, as they lack the enzymes needed to break it down. Thus, there is little nutritional value in it for them. One reason for a dog eating grass may be due to feeling ill. It is possible that dogs eat grass as a temporary solution for stomach upsets. Full Answer HERE >>

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