How to Stop Fearing Commitment

Tips to stop fearing commitment in your relationship.

Being in love with someone is one thing, but having a commitment with that person is a different story. Especially if you are somebody who is afraid of being tied down. Thus, here are 10 steps on how you can overcome your fear of commitment.

1.) Know the reasons for your fear. That’s the first step for you to handle this kind of emotion.

2.) Write down your reasons on a piece of paper and read them aloud when you’re alone. Are the roots of your fears reasonable enough for you not to be committed with someone?

3.) Now, write down the qualities which have attracted you towards your partner. Make a new list out of them. However, make sure that you don’t include their physical characteristics in that list.

4.) Next, create another list containing “what if” questions. Write as many as you can and don’t limit yourself in making up those possibilities.

5.) Make a comparison of the lists that you have come up with in step no.2 and step no. 3. Mark the two points in both lists that are of great importance to you. Now, ask these questions to yourself. “Are these things reasonable enough to fall in love with my partner?” Are these things reasonable enough to continue fearing commitment?”

6.) Try to think of the good side of a family life. You get to see your kids grow and spend a lifetime with the person that you love the most.

7.) Place your feet in your partner’s shoes. What would you feel if the person you love doesn’t want to marry you someday? 

8.) Tell your partner about your fears. However, don’t blame him or her for feeling that way.

9.) If there are some changes in your career right now, then make sure that your partner knows about it. This would help him or her understand as to why you are hesitant to get married at the moment.

10.) Say sorry to your partner after your conversation. Treat him or her to dinner so you can make up for any negative emotions that you may have implied on them.



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