How to Get Over the Fear of Getting Married

Tips to Get Over Your Fear of Marriage.

Are you afraid of getting married? Do you fear that you would only end up getting a divorce from your partner? Well, we can’t blame you. Marriage is a life long commitment and you have to make it with someone whom you are really comfortable with and whom you love with all your heart.

How does one overcome his or her phobia of marriage? Actually, this is an easy thing to do. You just have to follow the 7 steps below to help give you an understanding what marriage is all about and know if it’s something that you should really be scared of.

1.) Know your exact fears when it comes to marriage. Is it the divorce that most couples are getting nowadays? Is it the long list of responsibilities that you are about take on once you have kids to raise? Recognize your fears. That’s the first step for you to conquer them.

2.) Since your fears are different from each other, create a solution that is appropriate for each one of them. For example, you came from a broken family. You have this great fear that your children would experience the same thing too. That’s where you are wrong. You are a completely different person from your parents and you can certainly make your marriage work as long as you want to.

3.) Tell your parents about your fears. They are the most recommended people who can give you sound advices with regards to tying the knot.

4.) Take the time to ask yourself this question: “Are you marrying the right person?” As mentioned earlier in this article, you’re expected to spend your whole life with your husband or wife so make sure that you can both stand each other for that long period of time.

5.) Set a plan for your marriage. This plan is not exactly what your marriage would be like in the future but you have to decide beforehand who will be in charge of the expenses of your household, the number of children that you would want to have etc.

6.) You will surely experience ups and downs in your marriage. You are about to take a long and uneven road and nobody said that it’s going to be easy. Thus, prepare yourself for that. Undergo psychological sessions if you have to or just prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for this huge step in your life.

7.) Talk sexual exclusivity with your partner. Is it something that is important for both of you?  Remember that we are now living in a modern world. Thus, you are free to ignore the norms of society and do things that would make both of you contented and satisfied with your marriage life.


  • If you are still afraid of getting married after doing all of the steps mentioned above, then it’s time for you to voice out your concerns towards your partner. However, be careful in doing this and let your partner understand that it’s not his or her fault that you are feeling these fears.


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