How to Prevent a Hangover from Drinking

Tips to help you from getting a hangover the next day.
by Updated July 31, 2018

Yes, that hangover you always dread when you wake up the next morning can be prevented. You can stop yourself from getting hungover. Isn’t that great news to hear? Well, I bet it is for all the full-fledged drinkers out there. Thus, if you’re one of them, continue reading this article for the steps you can take to avoid being hungover the next morning.

1.) Don’t just drink all throughout the night. Totally have fun in a party by mingling with other people and dancing on the floor. Show the whole world those dancing moves that you only do inside you home. Socialize and meet new friends. Your new acquaintances can join you on your next drinking escapade so it would be great to have them.

2.) Have a water escapade first before you go trying all those bottles in the bar. Alcohol has the tendency to dehydrate you. Thus, make sure that you’re ready for the “battle” by drinking lots of water before you go partying like it’s the end of the world.

3.) Don’t drink too much of carbonated mixers, sparkling wine and even champagne. These beverages have bubbles which can quickly intoxicate you compared to beer. You can still consume these drinks but one glass of them would have to do for the whole night. Drink moderately as much as possible.

4.) If you’re someone who happens to be addicted to hard liquors, then you better consider lighter ones if you don’t want your head to hurt the next morning. The principle here is very much simple. Harder liquors beget stronger hangover effects. Gin and vodka taste good so go for them when you visit your favorite bar.

5.) Drink only one kind of liquor throughout the night. Tasting all the alcohol beverages offered in a party won’t do you any good. Thus, take this advice and have a drinking escapade with one liquor type alone.

6.) Have a full stomach before you drink for your body to delay alcohol absorption. Never go to a bar without eating dinner. You’re simply looking for an intense hangover if you drink on an empty stomach.

7.) Take an Excedrin Extra Strength and drink plenty of water before going to bed after a night of drinking.

8.) If you wake up in the morning feeling only minor effects of a hangover, then totally get rid of it by eating honey, wholegrain toast and fruit for your first meal of the day. These items will help get back all the sodium, fructose and potassium into your body.

9.) Take Vitamins before go to bed. In particular, Vitamin B Complex and Vitamin C.



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