How to Get Rid of a Hangover Fast

Simple tips to help you relieve a hangover.

Do you love drinking hard liquor but hates the hangover that often comes with it? Well, put all your worries away. This article will teach know you how to easily get rid of the hangover.

Before Taking That Shot

1.) Consume fatty foods such as pizza, fried items, sausage or steak. Fat slows down your body’s capacity to absorb alcohol at the minimum of 12 hours making your head experience less pain the next morning.

2.) Be properly hydrated before going to any drinking session. Consume lots of water to lessen the effects of alcohol in your body. This is a golden rule that you ought to follow.

3.) Drink a beverage that doesn’t contain any alcohol or simply a glass of water in between shots. This prevents your body from taking in too much liquor in just one night.

4.) If want to stay away from an intense hangover, then drink gin, vodka or beer instead of rum and whiskey. Stick with liquors that are not strong if you want to arrive safely at home.

The Next Morning

1.) Don’t feel guilty about drinking too much last night. Regardless of your reason for going through a liquor escapade, you should try to start anew this morning. Be positive.

2.) Make yourself a sandwich that contains bacon. These food products can help you get back to your senses as they can produce neurotransmitters in your body and increase your blood sugar upon consumption.

3.) Consume fruits and fruit juices for they contain fructose that can help you eliminate the alcohol from your system. They may not completely set you free from a hangover but they can certainly prevent your stomach from feeling uneasy.

4.) Consume potato chips, avocado, banana or bouillon soup for you to get back all the potassium and salt that you have lost last night. You should eat these foods if you want to regain your strength as well.

5.) Take cereals, crackers and toast. These foods can help increase your blood sugar too. Weakness and fatigue results from low blood sugar. Thus, you need to make sure that your body doesn’t reach this point.

6.) Eat a piece of toast that is burnt. The burnt area of the toast helps eliminate the toxins inside your body so make this food if you want to be free from alcohol as soon as possible.

7.) Never drink coffee the next morning unless you want to end up in the bathroom all morning. Consume sports drinks or water instead for your whole body to be properly hydrated once more.

8.) Take painkillers such as ibuprofen or aspirin before you go to bed. These medicines can help you have a less hammering headache when you wake up.

The Truth about Hangover Myths

  • A cocktail (wake-up) can only slow down the effects of a hangover and not totally prevent it from happening.
  • Hangovers are never minimized by diet beverages.
  • Hard liquors can certainly give you a hangover regardless whether you start from drinking lighter ones or not.


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