How to Play Netflix DVDs on Xbox 360

by Updated July 31, 2010

Recently, I tried playing a Netflix DVD on my Xbox 360 and couldn't get it to play, so I removed the DVD from the Xbox thinking there was something wrong with the disc, and played it on my regular DVD player.  After this initial experience, I decided to give it another go on the Xbox 360 with another Netflix DVD thinking that I must have been doing something wrong.  Turns out I kinda was...  So here's the simple steps to get a regular DVD (in this case a Netflix DVD) to play correctly on the Xbox 360.

  1. Turn on the Xbox 360 and then insert the DVD.
  2. In the xbox's menu, go to the 'My Xbox' menu section (if your DVD doesn't start play automatically).
  3. Press the 'A' button on the controller to 'Play DVD'.  Note: If you don't see 'Play DVD', then open the dvd tray and close it again, and then select 'A'. (I had to do this to get the DVD that I was trying to play to be recognized by my Xbox 360).
  4. Now the screen will turn black as Xbox 360 begins to play the DVD.  In my case, I had to wait nearly 30 seconds before the DVD/movie began to actually play (with picture and sound). So just be mindful that it may take a little bit for the DVD to start playing.
  5. That's it... now you can sit back and enjoy your movie!

I'm not sure why it takes so long for xbox 360 to start playing a DVD movie from Netflix, but it can be quite unnerving not knowing if the DVD will play or not while it goes to a black screen and begins reading the DVD. That's what threw me off the first time I tried to play a DVD on my Xbox 360. Anyway, hopefully this simple tip helps others who found themselves in a similiar situation as myself. 

BTW, if you don't have Netflix yet, do yourself a favor and go sign up for an account. Netflix is well worth it, especially if you have an Xbox 360 and want to watch movies instantly via your Xbox. Register for Netflix today!

UPDATE 12-22-2009: I just wanted to give a quick little update to this problem of playing DVDs on my XBox.  In the last two weeks, my XBox 360 has gotten to the point where it will not play just about any DVDs (brand new games or Netflix DVDs).  So essentially this problem had nothing to do with Netflix DVDs or the quality of the DVD itself (via scratches).  The main problem was that my XBox 360's DVD drive/ laser was beginning to fail.  This seems to be a common problem. So if you find yourself in a similiar situation as myself a few months ago, do yourself a favor (if your XBox 360 is still under warranty) and return it for a new one, which is exactly what I plan to do in the coming week!  Check out How to get your Xbox 360 repaired for free!



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