How to Deactivate Netflix Ready Devices and Computers

Deactivate your Netflix ready devices and computers directly from your Netflix account.
by Updated March 5, 2012

Netflix can be setup to watch instantly on up to 6 unique devices: Including personal computers and Netflix ready devices such as Xbox 360, an iPhone (or iPad) using the newly released iPhone app. With all the possiblities you now have to watch Netflix instantly on various devices, you may find yourself quickly maxing out the 6 devices you are allowed to watch Netflix instant on.  Luckily Netflix allows you to deactivacte any of your devices directly from your Netflix account.

Here's how you can manually de-register devices you no longer wish to use for watching instantly.

  1. Login to your Netflix account, then click on Your Account & Help link located in the upper-right.
  2. Now click on Manage Netflix ready devices and computers.
  3. You should now see a listing of all your Netflix activated devices and computers. 
  4. To deactivate a device simply click on the Deactivate button for the device, and then confirm that you want to deactivate that device in the pop-up box.
  5. That's it!

Keep in mind, any deactivated devices can always be reactivated later if you wish to resume using it.




anonymous by hernandez on 12/18/2010
how can you reactivate a device?
anonymous by Nick Conley on 1/27/2011
on my devices page the links that are supposed to be used to deactivate a device are unclickable and funny thing is i only use one device! it counts my one computer 6 times!!
anonymous by karen on 2/10/2011
nick i have the same problem how do u solve thatr
anonymous by john on 4/20/2011
i have the same problem. i went to manage account and it said i only have two device even tho theres 5 devices. how are you suppose to delete the ones that dont show up?
anonymous by shawn on 8/1/2011
i brought up the page but none of my devices are there, i have 4,
anonymous by Rugbyball on 8/22/2011
I did this and no devices are shown, it only offers to activate or deactivate all. When I click on Deactivate All the oprion to deactivate goes away, but my Blue Ray player and PS3 still play Netflix. I did try using the devices within 5 minutes of deactivating all, maybe you need to allow a longer period for there records to update?
But I would prefer to deactivate individual devices than to do them all each time.
anonymous by hector on 9/5/2011
Rugbyball pretty much said all I wanted to share here. This wasn't always the case however. Before, I was able to see a list of all computers and Netflix ready devices registered to my account. The change must have happened a few months back. Please fix this Netflix.
anonymous by Elixis on 9/12/2011
Yeah i don't like the deactivate all option. I want it b ack to when you could deactivate just one. Why they go and change that?
anonymous by Erasmus on 12/19/2011
The netflix menu does not allow you to deactivate a single device (unless you have only one). I had a ROKU player I wanted to remove from my account. The way I did it was: I used a paper clip and stuck it in the ROKU reset hole on the bottom (some ROKU units might have a reset button instead) and held it in for 30 seconds, then pulled the power cable and re-inserted the power cable. Then it prompted me to go through the entire setup. So it has no idea what my netflix account is any more.

I would guess there are ways to reset other devices.
anonymous by a very frustrated person on 2/1/2012
anonymous by stupid netflix on 2/7/2012
Deactivating Netflix does not deactivate all devices only my xbox was affected my phones all still logged in in and played movies even after I changed the password deactivated device what the heck help?!
anonymous by i got the answers! called netflix on 2/13/2012
they changed the settings about 6 months ago so you can have up to 50 devices being used under one account at the same time ie computer, tv, phones, game consoles ect... it was simply too difficult to manage all those accounts so the only way to deactivate one is to do it to all of them. i also changed my password and nothing happened and i was still able to access the account on my tv. (very confusing)! however, once u deactivate all the accounts it can take up to 8 hours for it to go through. hopefully this helps and stops some of the confusion!
anonymous by carlos on 3/25/2012
netflix is saying theres too many devices playing at the same time and i cant check. it doesnt show any devices. so i cant watch netflix
anonymous by john on 5/9/2012
i tried deactivating all devices bc my ex is still using mine and i was going to reactivate my device. Only problem is its not cancelling them. its still letting me stream and her bc i can see when she is watching movies.
anonymous by Christine Fowler on 8/18/2012
It doesn't deactivate immediately. I deactivated all devices because someone is fraudulently using the streaming on my account. I checked my blu-ray player and it was still activated hours later. I'm very frustrated.
anonymous by JOJO123 on 8/23/2012
Yes i am having the same problem, devices are still logged in even after i changed my password. I want this to stop. Why is it not working? Is there another way around this to log them out.
anonymous by Lana Kline on 8/30/2012
Netflix no longer plays on my motorola xyboard 8.2. For months I have been talking to netflix, motorola and verizon about it. I am not the only one with this device having this problem. Netflix was no help. Motorola said they would submit a software fix. Verizon has put in the most time trying to help me, but they said it is a netflix/motorola problem. VZW directed me to this site and told me to deactivate all my devices then relog in on each device. They did deactivate, but netflix still wont play. I can log into my account, but it wont play. Gives error message 1006. Sure wish someone would help.
anonymous by peter on 1/27/2013
This is very annoying, I cannot disable to reactivate a single device? None show in my "manage devices" list.
anonymous by Simply me on 2/13/2013
this is the correct way of dealing with disconnecting Netflix from your Smart LG TV... Attempt to Deactivate/Reactivate Netflix
anonymous by lsdkjflsjfl on 3/19/2013

do everything it says on this page and it will work. if you just go into your netflix account and deactivate the devices, it could take up to 8 hours to complete.
anonymous by Abcd on 3/29/2013
How do you deactivate on your ipad app there is no link to deactivate it
anonymous by Bryon on 4/26/2013
Why did Netflix disable this option? Now it is only reset all.
anonymous by Lola on 10/12/2013
I allowed my niece to use her laptop or smartphone or whatever those phones are to watch my netflix account. She was having financial issue, between homes, just had surgery and needed something to do, and since my devices couldnt stream, i got the dvds ordered, and she used hers to stream, and im paying both activities. I no longer want her to be able to stream, i rarely stream, and i rarely get dvds sent to my home, but i stil want it for myself and whenever i get on my home page it is showing movies been watched i would never ever even think of and they are her style... Ive changed my password, and i still see shes using my account. I am computer/netflix challenged and if i deactivate all the devices i wont know how to put my netflix app back on my apple ipad which is the ONLY device im capable of streaming. Its either get her off, or im cancelling netflix period and just go to redbox... Its worth it as shes using every bit and more than i can affore, and shes capable of doing her own.

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