How to Move a Window or Application when the Title Bar is Off Screen

Having trouble moving a window back onto your screen?
by Updated January 29, 2009

Every once in a while you may find that a window or application is off screen and can't be dragged using the mouse cursor.  The window may just be visible on the edge of your screen, but just can not be grabbed or moved using your mouse. Sometimes this can happen while using only one monitor with extended desktop turned on. Applications typically will remember the position that they were last in when you closed down the app, and will return to that spot when it is opened back up. To get around this problem here are some steps to move a window that is off screen using the arrow keys on your keyboard.

Using only keyboard shortcuts:
1. Hold down Alt + Spacebar.
2. Press the M key on your keyboard.
3. Use the arrow keys to relocate the window.
4. Press the Enter key when you have positioned the window in its desired location.

Using your keyboard and mouse:
1. Right click on the program you want to move in you Windows Taskbar.
2. Select Move (you should then see a cursor with four arrows).
3. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the window in the direction you want.
4. Click on the title bar when you have the window in its desired location.



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anonymous by aswad on 5/2/2008
I have a windows server 2003, the problem occur today, when i shut down the server last week, and today when i turn it on, my desktop a missing. I push the windows button on the keyboard also the start menu program didn't pop-up. I only manage run the program through task manager, why it's happened? and what should i do to get my desktop back?.

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