How to Hug a Girl Intimately and Naturally

by Updated June 20, 2013

How do you make a hug feel intimate and natural at the same time? If you’re someone who is planning to hug the girl of your dreams, then keep reading as this info may help change your life and help you hug a girl the right way.

I. Hugging Your Crush

1.) We know that you’re excited for this one great moment in your life, but don’t rush into hugging your crush. Always remember that hugging is all about perfect timing. If you don’t follow this principle, then you are bound to make the girl that you like feel awkward afterwards. Actually, the right time to hug a girl is when you meet her for a date, when you say goodbye to each other or when she is down and lonely.

2.) Hug her if she shows signs that she is receptive to being hugged. Pay special attention to the way she moves her body next to you or even to the way that she says things to you. If she looks at you straight in the eye during an entire conversation, then this girl is certainly into you.

3.) Have a gentle approach even if you want to hug her right on the spot. Remember step number 1. Relax and slowly go near the girl that you like. This kind of approach will let you see if she stays for the hug or pulls away because she’s not ready yet.

4.) Know the kind of hug that you want to give. If you don’t know her that much yet, then you can go for a short casual hug. If you are already in love with this girl, then you can hug her for a little longer so your intentions can be made clear.

5.) Smoothly release the girl from the hug. This would prevent the two of you from feeling awkward afterwards. Just be cool about everything for your lack of confidence might make you lose the opportunity to be closer to this girl. Act like you know what you are doing even if your stomach’s all tied up from the inside.

6.) Have a cute finish. If you’re really into the girl that you have just hugged, then you would need to say something that she can never forget. This can be a compliment or a romantic line from her favorite movie. This step is all up to you.

7.) Don’t stick to just one hugging position. Learn more about the different hugging techniques such as from behind, criss cross, t-rex, one arm sling, big bear and little bear. If you want to impose a romantic effect to your partner, then you should go for a from behind and criss cross hug.


II. Hugging Casual Friends

1.) Just act naturally. If you don’t usually hug your friends when you meet them, then simply hug them from this day onwards and you can expect them to hug you back. Don’t worry. These people won’t think that you’re mad or that you’re into them for that matter.

2.) Give your friends a light and short hug. Actually, you are allowed to hug your friends tight if you haven’t seen them for a long time. If that is not the case, then stick to quick hugs because prolonged ones would surely lead to misinterpretations. Don’t give other people something to gossip about you and your friend.

3.) After quickly hugging your friend, then release that person. Just hug your friends for not more than 2 seconds, then continue to talk about other things.



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