How to Get Rid of a Bad Headache Quickly


Headaches can range from mild to severe. Nevertheless, it is a sensation that nobody wants to experience. Thus, here are some ways you can effectively eliminate that pounding ache inside your head.

I. Immediate Solutions

1.) Relax. Listen to smooth melodies, imagine the places that you want to visit in the future and breathe deeply. Just do anything that would take your mind off the fact that your head is aching right now.

2.) Have pleasurable sex with your partner. More endorphins (natural painkiller in the human body) are produced during this activity so make sure that you enjoy what you are doing to make your headache go away.

3.) Give your ear lobes, neck and scalp a gentle massage. This is another form of distraction to make you think less of your headache. You can do this step on your own or you can ask a friend or family member to do it for you.

4.) Purchase a cool compress from a nearby drugstore and gently put it on your forehead. This can certainly lessen the pain of your headache.

5.) If you are at home, then go to your bedroom and just lie on your bed for half an hour. If you are in your office, then just turn the lights off at your work desk, sit comfortably in your chair and close your eyes for the same period of time.

6.) Make sure that you stay hydrated for the whole day. Drink a lot of water no matter where you are because lack of water inside a human’s body certainly contributes to headaches.

7.) Buy reliable pain killers in a drug store and take them. However, make sure that these medicines are recommended by your doctor for you to avoid further complications inside your body.


II. Change Your Lifestyle

1.) If you’re someone who usually gets frustrated, irritated and angry, then learn to calm down. These emotions can cause you to have a headache so try to manage them as much as you can.

2.) Make sure that your workstation is suitable for your size and height. It shouldn’t force you to slouch during your working hours and cause you to have a headache.

3.) Eat more healthy foods. Having a healthy diet is not an immediate solution to a headache but it can certainly prevent this sensation from happening to you more often. For you to know the kind of diet that would suit you, you can ask the advice of a naturopath, nutritionist or a dietician.

4.) If you have issues with your bones and muscles, then have them treated as soon as possible. These things might be the reason as to why your head is aching so much.

5.) Get the professional help of other health experts. A headache can be caused by several factors so make sure that you visit an ear, nose and throat specialist, an optician and a dentist for you to get all of your health issues resolved.


III. Get Some Exercise

1.) Go outside of your home and get some fresh air. Take a brisk walk whenever you get the chance to do so. Don’t use your work as an excuse not to exercise.

2.) Attend yoga sessions. You would be surprised as to how yoga can make you a healthier person. Sign up for a yoga class. If you have a regular job, then you can attend your classes over the weekend.

3.) Take the time to stand and stretch the muscles at your back and your neck. This can relieve you from the headache caused by great tension at work or in school.

IV. Natural Medicines

1.) If you want to get rid of your headache the natural way, then you may do so. However, make sure that you purchase natural remedies only from authentic sellers for you to avoid buying fake products in the market.

2.) Apply remedies which are based on foods that you normally see in your kitchen. Drink coffee but keep it in moderation. Consume cayenne pepper and almonds as well. Just eat natural foods for you to improve your health.

3.) Get to know more about homeopathy. Homeopathic remedies include ignacia and bryonia. Read books discussing herbal medicine for you to be familiarized with these things. You can also consult your doctor with this matter.

4.) Apply aromatherapy. You are free to use any set of ingredients for this method. However, make sure that you are not allergic to the ingredients that you have chosen. Some famous oils used in this kind of therapy are chamomile, sweet marjoram and lavender.

5.) Use herbal medicines. You can purchase lavender, peppermint, magnesium and willow bark supplements for this matter. On the other hand, you can drink a cup of tea on a regular basis if you are not comfortable with taking natural supplements.

V. Preventing a Migraine

1.) Don’t put yourself under a lot of stress. If you can’t prevent stress from crossing your path, then do something that would ease the tension from your body. Buy a stress ball that you can use or watch a good movie with a friend over the weekend.

2.) If you are already experiencing the symptoms of a migraine such as difficulty in reading comprehension and concentration, nausea, seeing pulsating zigzag lines and even stars, tunnel vision and eye pain, then do the following steps below.

3.) Buy pain relievers. Take them before the migraine settles in. These medicines can help you deal better with your condition.

4.) Find a room without any light on and rest in that place for a while. Close your eyes until the effect of the migraine subsides.

5.) If things get worse, then visit your doctor immediately. Buy all the medicines that he or she would prescribe you.

Additional Tip:

Purchase a tiger balm and apply it on your temple. This product can certainly lessen the effects of a headache for it distracts most of the sensors on your face.



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