How to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Ways to reduce stress and anxiety without drugs.

Stress is everywhere. It’s something that comes with life making it inevitable. A bit of it can be beneficial for us but excessive stress is a different story. Thus, here are 15 steps for you keep your stressors at bay.

1.) Stay hydrated and relax. Having plenty of water can give you a clearer mind which makes you more efficient at work.

2.) Get your music player and put those headphones on. Listen to the songs that you like. It’s one way of keeping you happy with whatever it is that you’re doing.

3.) Have a break. Just sit down and do nothing for a few minutes. Close your eyes for a while but don’t sleep. Undergo a short meditation if you have to.

4.) Seek the forgiveness of somebody that you have hurt in the past. Let go of the guilt that you have been feeling all this time.

5.) Have an amazing mind state by being thankful of every material or non material possession that you have. Try to be appreciative of everything around you. Feel blessed because you are.

6.) Delegate your tasks. If you are the boss of your company, then assign the tasks that you can’t do to your employees but do it in a nice way.

7.) Refuse to help someone when you can’t. It prevents you from making promises that you can’t keep. It also helps you maintain friendships in a healthy way.

8.) Always remember that you have your options. You drive your own life so you can take it to the path where you want it to be. Don’t be dictated with what to do.

9.) Delight your five senses. Massage your self once in a while, eat your favorite food during lunch, look at the beautiful view outside your window, listen to the songs that you like or keep a scented candle in your workplace.

10.) Learn to manage your time. You may have a lot to do but you can certainly make time for everything.

11.) Exercise everyday. Maintain a beautiful body for you to feel great every single time. Get the compliments that you deserve.

12.) Take the time to have a hearty or even a loud laugh. It’s healthy so try to surround yourself with your funniest colleagues or crack a joke once in a while.

13.) Tell someone what’s bothering you. If you don’t want to do so, then you can write your problems in a diary. Get your burdens out of your system for you to feel better.

14.) Don’t let stress consume you. Breathe deeply and repeatedly say inside your head that you can do this. You can finish your task and can unwind and fully relax afterwards. Always remember that managing your stressors is all about mind control. Thus, learn to have clear and healthier perspective in life.

15.) Prevent from sighing a lot. You can get tired but you should never give up. Just smile and know that you are greater than stress.



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